Pag Lace Collection

Pag is an island on the Adriatic coast of Croatia. It's most famous for its stony landscape and salt fields. Weird and beautiful with hot sun and strong wind called "Bura" - this is where my family's from. Traditionally women sew with needle and thin thread a special kind of lace. My grandma taught me how to do it while she was still alive. The lace has a special kind of pattern and exotic look that has always inspired me in design.

I use a power of salty seawater and electric current to cut into the metal...erode it...destroy it...all the while keeping the lace pattern shiny and bright. The beauty in this jewellery is best seen live as it's a play of shadow and light embraced by the texture or the surface. It shines like summer sun and the lace lines remind me of the sun pattern that shines through the water to the sandy seafloor.

This organic process and a ton of handcrafting ensure all the pieces to be truly unique...even if the designs are repeated!

Materials I use are high grade and ethically sourced.

The whole process is eco-friendly and sustainable as it uses the same liquid over and over again with very little waste.

Inspired by the need to express the love for this special island I call my "happy place" and a vision of universally beautiful jewellery in which urban life and nature come together with streamlined simplicity - I created this collection.





My name translated to English is "Sunny Sea" 


I'm a wanderer and a child at play.

It's so hard for me to write a coherent storyline of my life cause my interests are all over the place.

One thing's for sure - colours and shapes are my drugs of choice. 

I'm a renaissance type of artist that does not care for the medium but only for the endless need to explore and create.

I started working with metal jewellery a year ago and very soon created a vision of "Pag Collection" in my mind.

I've then spent many months searching for the way to make it into reality.

I have a degree in Fashion design, adore dancing, new technologies as well as old school alchemy technics like ceramics, glasswork and similar.

I care a lot for my ecological footprint so I make my business decisions in consideration of nature and sustainability. That is a big imperative for me and we should all be very aware that any "trash" we produce is not going to disappear. We need to have a plan for it: reuse, recycle or upcycle!

I live and work in Zagreb, Croatia


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The artist behind the jewellery.

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